As a fire breaks out at a government building in Patna, Bihar CM Nitish Kumar rushes to the scene

There was a major fire on Wednesday at the Visveswarayya Bhawan here, a sprawling multi-storeyed building containing many important establishments, including government departments.

Despite the flames leaping up for several hours, no one was injured.

As he drove to the building to assess the situation, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar told reporters, “It is very unusual. It happened in the morning. I came here after learning that the blaze was rekindled repeatedly. Never have I heard of a government building burning for so long before.”

The chief minister expressed hope that the fire would be extinguished and assured adequate safety measures would be in place once the six-story building had been renovated.

According to Patna District Magistrate Chandrashekhar Singh, security personnel noticed smoke billowing from the fifth floor at 7.30 am and informed the fire brigade.

At the end of the evening, water from as many as 50 fire engines had been used up, giving the massive concrete structure a slushy feel.

The DM reported no injuries to building occupants, and two children, who were trapped on the fifth floor in the building with their construction worker parents, were rescued by firefighters.