Anurag Thakur: Rahul Gandhi questions and insults the Army

Anurag Thakur: Rahul Gandhi questions and insults the Army
Anurag Thakur: Rahul Gandhi questions and insults the Army

Rahul Gandhi questioned the army and insulted it with his remarks on the recent India-China showdown, according to Union Minister Anurag Thakur.

According to the Union Minister, Rahul Gandhi should worry about his party as the Indian Army under Prime Minister Narendra Modi carried out surgical strikes, Balakot strikes, and gave a befitting response to Doklam.

The Army did Surgical Strikes, Balakot Strikes, and provided a befitting reply in Doklam under the strong leadership of PM Modi. People like Rahul Gandhi question the Army and insult them,” said Thakur.

In addition, he said that Congress’s ideologies are in conflict with Chinese language.

During Doklam, what was Rahul Gandhi doing with Chinese officials? They speak the language of China, which raises questions about Congress’ ideology.

In a YouTube video posted on Rahul Gandhi’s channel on Sunday, as he interacted with veterans of the Armed Forces during the Bharat Jodo Yatra, the Congress MP said, “China and Pakistan have come together, so if there is a war, they will be involved, so it will be a major loss for the country.” It is becoming increasingly vulnerable in India. I love and admire you (Army). You defend this nation. Without you, this nation would not exist.”

In the past, we had two enemies: China and Pakistan, which we kept apart as a policy. Initially, it was said that two front wars should not occur, but people are now saying there are two fronts going on, namely Pakistan, China and terrorism. Currently, China and Pakistan are working together. If a war occurs, they will both be involved. They are not just working militarily together, but also economically.”

In his criticism of the Central government’s policies, Rahul Gandhi said, “Our economy has slowed down since 2014. Our country is characterized by disturbance, fighting, confusion, and hatred. We still think of war as two and a half fronts. We do not think of joint operations and cyber warfare. We are extremely vulnerable at this time.

We are in for a surprise from both China and Pakistan, so the government can’t keep quiet. The government should inform the people of the country about what happened at the border. Whatever action we need to take, we must begin today. Five years ago, we should have acted, but we didn’t. It will be a big loss if we don’t act fast. In Arunachal and Ladakh, I am extremely concerned about what is happening at the border,” he said.

As part of the over 30-month border standoff between the two sides in eastern Ladakh, a clash occurred near Yangtse along the LAC on December 9.