An ISI plot to kill Hindus in Punjab was revealed by the killing of those protecting Hindus

According to Punjab police, several Hindu leaders have been advised not to travel outside following a threat made by pro-Khalistan leader Gopal Chawla.

Another example of how deep hate crime has spread to Punjab is the murder of Shiv Sena (Taksail) leader Sudhir Suri in Amritsar. A 31-year-old man turned to social media to self-radicalize. The assistant police commissioner and a police team were present when Suri was shot dead.

National Investigation Agency (NIA) investigators visited Punjab and spoke with police about the larger implications. A call from the United Kingdom was received by Suri’s son the night before the murder, according to Manik Suri. Amritpal Singh identified himself to Suri as the caller who said he would send some men and the deal would be completed.

It was announced that Sikhs for Justice would pay Sunny’s legal fees in the wake of his arrest as a member of Sunny, the proscribed outfit.

As a result of some broken idols being found outside the temple grounds, Suri protested against the temple’s authorities. A Punjab police alert has now been issued and several Hindu leaders have been advised not to travel outside due to this incident. Earlier this week, pro-Khalistan leader Gopal Chawla issued a warning. Yogesh Bakshi, Gursimran Singh Man, and Amit Arora have been threatened with death in a video. These leaders’ homes have also been secured by the police.

The ISI and its Khalistan elements are behind this major plot, an official from the Intelligence Bureau tells OneIndia. Punjab is also being targeted by the same forces that are trying to wipe out Hindu minorities in Pakistan. Further, the official explains that the state’s efforts to revive itself haven’t gone exactly according to plan. As a result, they are attempting to create fear among the Punjabi people, especially the Hindu community.

In order to maintain Pakistan’s deniability factor, these persons are funding and blessed by the ISI in different countries. Among those operating out of the UK, USA, Canada, and Malaysia are these gangs targeting Hindus.

Hardeep Singh Nijjar was recently rewarded 10 lakh rupees for information on the murder of a Hindu priest by the Khalistan Tiger Force terrorist organization. According to the officer quoted above, these groups enjoy tremendous support in these countries, to the point that protesters displayed Khalistan flags outside the Indian High Commission in London recently.

These elements need to be reined in urgently, according to officials. By keeping quiet about it, the West will only hurt itself in the long run. The first person they need to rein in is Paramjeet Pannun, the leader of Sikhs for Justice. When farmers protested the farm laws, he provoked them. A safe passage was also arranged for the killers of Siddhu Moosewala through him.

Another example of Khalistan elements operating in Punjab is the killing of Shaurya Chakra awardee Comrade Balwinder Singh Sandhu. Based on the investigation, it appears that the execution was carried out in order to strike terror in the minds of those opposed to Khalistan ideology, in particular. As part of the transnational conspiracy, self-styled KLF chief Lakbhir Singh Rode hatched the current case in Pakistan.

Using his associates, Sukhmeet Pak was instructed to carry out the killings by the foreign-based KLF leadership. According to the NIA, Rode ordered Sukh Bikhariwal to kill Comrade Singh after Harmeet Singh alias Happy alias PHD was killed. Sharpshooters Gurjit Singh and Sukhdeep Singh conducted reconnaissance of the target on behalf of Inderjeet Singh.