An EV startup based in Pune is creating stylized e-bikes for Indian roads to contribute to electric mobility

As fuel prices continue to rise, electric vehicles are now becoming people’s choice. The EV sector in India is dynamic and fast-paced with several initiatives taking off and innovative startups entering the market.

As such, Pune-based electric bike manufacturer, VTRO, is turning challenges such as expensive battery replacements, the absence of dedicated parking spots, a lack of charging infrastructure, etc. into opportunities.

In each of our categories, we compete with a number of large, established, and legacy brands. With our relentless customer focus and technology-driven rapid innovation cycle, we can ensure our customers are satisfied and will keep coming back to us,* said Heramb Shelke, CEO of VTRO.

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As a result, we’re building a product that streamlines the entire manufacture-to-pay process under one roof while providing our clients with a technology-first end-to-end procurement service that sets us apart from our competitors. The company manufactures a completely IOT enabled bike with unique designs, unisex compact frame, excellent battery life, and charging and swapping stations webbed all across the city*.