Amritpal Singh’s remark that he is “not an Indian” angers the BJP

Amritpal Singh's remark that he is
Amritpal Singh's remark that he is "not an Indian" angers the BJP

In another controversial statement, Amritpal Singh of “Waris Punjab De” has stated that he is not an Indian citizen.

He told a new agency that a passport is nothing more than a ‘travel document’ and does not constitute citizenship.

Amritpal has come under the scrutiny of national security agencies following the Ajnala incident.

His name appears on numerous social media accounts, including an Instagram account with a blue tick that has been suspended in India. The profile is restricted. In the Instagram page of Amritpal Singh, it says, “This profile is not available in your region.”.

The former cabinet minister and BJP leader Laxmi Kanta Chawla said Amritpal should be deported from India immediately if he was not an Indian citizen.

Suppose he confessed that he is not a Hindustani, then under what law could he hold protests and religious programs. The activities of this man are vitiating the peace of Punjab, so he should be expelled from the country. His activities should be taken seriously by the government. “It is a positive sign that all religious and political parties have condemned his anti-national agenda in unison,” she said.

In a statement, BJP state head Ashwani Sharma said, “How can Amritpal call himself ‘Waris’ (savior) when he is guilty of blasphemy by entering the police station with Sri Guru Granth Sahib’s saroop.” In addition, the Mann government should be held accountable for kneeling to radical forces bent on destroying communal harmony and peace in the state,” he said, appealing to the Akal Takht and the SGPC for

Rajinder Mohan Singh Chhina, a senior BJP leader and member of the party’s core committee, condemned the AAP government for turning a blind eye to Amritpal’s activities, where he keeps roaming around with a group of supporters and attacking police stations, which is extremely unacceptable.