Home Entertainment After injury rumors, SRK return to India

After injury rumors, SRK return to India

After injury rumors, SRK return to India

Mumbai, July 5 ( P2P Service) :There were were reports circulating on social media that Shah Rukh Khan, the Bollywood actor, had suffered a minor nose injury while shooting for a project in Los Angeles. It was said that he had undergone surgery there and later returned to Mumbai. However, there was no official confirmation from Khan’s office about the incident.

Despite the trending hashtag #shahrukhkhan on Twitter and fans expressing their well wishes for his speedy recovery, another source close to the actor later stated that the news of the injury was false.

According to ETimes, Shah Rukh experienced bleeding and was taken to the hospital, but the doctors reassured his team that there was no cause for concern. However, there were no updates on the exact date of the incident or the project he was working on.

Worried fans took to social media to send their get well soon messages and prayers for the 57-year-old actor’s recovery


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