AAP’s Sanjay Singh has done a lot of good work in Punjab already.

Expectations from the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and its leader Bhagwant Mann are high as he assumes charge as state Chief Minister on Wednesday. Its leadership claims that change has already started taking place in various departments of the state.

Media persons were addressed on Tuesday (March 15), AAP MP Sanjay Singh claimed that changes have already started to happen in Punjab even before the elections.

“Even before the oath-taking ceremony, the effects of the AAP in Punjab are evident. Let’s put our differences aside and let them take office,” he said while responding to a question about how much debt is there with now that they’ve become a political party again.

Singh, leader of the Aam Aadmi Party which took office in Delhi last month, said that their influence was evident from the fact that hospitals had started to improve before the party’s inauguration ceremony. “We received a video showing how terrible conditions were and we got things back on track,” he explained. He added: “Our legislators are visiting these places and conducting checks.”
A healthy increase of good work is taking place in Punjab according to Singh as everyone starts working together for betterment.

In response to the anger over the sky high school fees, Arvind Kejriwal said “just be patient,” adding that all promises made by his party and Bhagwant Mann will be fulfilled. He assured Bhagwant Mann, who has recently been sworn in as CM of Punjab that they would fulfill their promises. Saying this is just what they’ve done in Delhi-the state where he was Chief Minister for four consecutive terms -he also emphasized how honest they are: “Our Party has a culture of doing more than just what’s been promised.”