AAP’s Hasib Ul Hasan jumps into drain to clean it, takes milk bath later

In what can be termed a real-life portrayal of famous Bollywood movie Nayak, an Aam Aadmi Party corporator on Tuesday jumped into a drain to clean it and later took a bath with milk in front of cameras and public present there.The MCD elections is scheduled later this year and the corporators and the ticket seekers who wish to try their luck in the upcoming elections are doing it all to the people and also going to get attention from the party leadership.One such incident came to light on Tuesday when Aam Aadmi Party corporator visited area in east Delhi and saw a drain stinking, it was then when he decided to take a plunge into the drain to clean it up in front of public and also the leader of opposition in MCD who later poured milk on him.

Hasib ul Hasan, a BJP member from Shastri Park area, made another allegation that instead of putting this issue before the higher authority, nothing has been done for the people of this area. He says that in order to put an end to all these issues and make things right for the people of this area, he had to take action. Leaders from the Bharatiya Janata Party were so quick to phone on high-level drama questioning their efforts being made for the previous year before elections – Bhagwat Rastogi said it’s for misleadingthe people! This is just one example of how little progress has beenmade since 2014 when Modi became Prime Minister.