A techie accuses Capgemini of delaying onboarding after Wipro

A techie accuses Capgemini of delaying onboarding after Wipro
A techie accuses Capgemini of delaying onboarding after Wipro

As early as December 2021, Capgemini, a multinational information technology services company, provided IT professionals with ‘Letters of Intent’.

“In August 2021, I was selected via campus placement and Capgemini sent me an offer in December 2021,” a job applicant told.

After getting the LOI, I’ve been in a preboarding training without pay for almost a year.

Two or more parties sign a Letter of Intent or LOI to outline their understanding, which will be formalised in a legally binding contract. Capgemini and the IT professionals signed a Letter of Intent highlighting the company’s plans to hire them.

In a similar situation, another IT professional told they rejected offers from Infosys and Wipro while waiting for Capgemini to hire them. Their queries are now not answered by Capgemini, they are just sent an automated response.

The candidate said he had already rejected Infosys’ and Wipro’s offers. He has been waiting for Capgemini’s onboarding for a long time. He has also mailed them but received an autogenerated reply.

A job offer had been made to the job seeker in March 2022. On 25 February 2022, I completed my interview, and on 24 March 2022, I received my letter of intent.”

They have been experiencing mental and financial stress as a result of the delay in onboarding at Capgemini. A young techie as saying, “They offered us jobs and made us train without any money for months, but now they aren’t responding. I have wasted seven months of my life without any money, and I can’t even explain it to my parents.”

The several techies awaiting Capgemini’s onboarding are also awaiting Wipro’s offer, but neither firm has offered a join date.

A young professional said, “I have offers from both Wipro and Capgemini, but neither company has been able to complete my onboarding process. My family has very limited resources, so I have to pay my education loan.”