A stunning photo of a snow leopard roaring at a photographer’s DSLR has taken the internet by storm.

Leh: How often do you see a critically endangered, elusive snow leopard in nature? Rarely or never for some, believe wildlife experts.

However, some photographers go to extreme lengths to capture stunning pictures of the elusive big cat and this time it’s a picture by Sascha Fonseca has left netizens in awe. Fonseca shared a photo of a snow leopard roaring at the camera, on his Instagram account on June 17, 2022. Fonseca said the big cat was reacting to the sound of the camera.

Sharing the picture, he wrote, ”A Snow leopard youngster interacts with my camera trap in the mountains of Ladakh. He is probably reacting to the shutter sound of the DSLR.”
See the beautiful picture here:

The picture has gone viral, leaving netizens in awe. Shared on June 18, the picture has gained more than 23,510 likes and several comments. One user wrote, ”That is awesome! What a wild moment captured in an incredible setting.” Another commented, ”Amazing picture! Is that not just one of his scapula protruding at an angle because of the leg positioning?” A third said, ”What a gorgeous creature.” “Should be nominee for wildlife photograph of the year for sure,” another wrote.Snow leopards are usually spotted in the trans-Himalayan landscape of Himachal Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Jammu and Kashmir and Sikkim. There are less than 10,000 snow leopards in the world which puts them in the IUCN Red List’s “Vulnerable” category, according to a report by Indian Express.