A new agenda is unveiled by Jagir Kaur, who says that SGPC autonomy will be restored

A new agenda is unveiled by Jagir Kaur, who says that SGPC autonomy will be restored
A new agenda is unveiled by Jagir Kaur, who says that SGPC autonomy will be restored

During a press conference today, suspended Akali leader Bibi Jagir Kaur presented an agenda that she will implement if she succeeds in the SGPC elections.

By removing political interference from the SGPC, she would restore the organization’s autonomous and Panthic reputation.

Jagir Kaur called her suspension from the Shiromani Akali Dal unconstitutional and illegal and said the Akali leaders were threatening her and her associates. A future alliance between the SAD and the Bharatiya Janata Party is possible, she said.

Jagir Kaur said to the media in Jalandhar, “The Sikh sangat believes the SGPC should not be meddled with by politics. Even SGPC members have raised questions repeatedly. I will make it my priority if elected to restore the autonomous and Panthic reputation of the SGPC. In addition to Sikh scholars, I will reach out to leaders of other political parties.”

According to her, the SAD was the core group of volunteers for the SGPC. Assisting the SGPC in protecting religious places and Sikh principles, it served as an assisting force for the SGPC. However, in recent decades, the roles have been reversed. Recently, the Panthic and free image of the SGPC has been undermined.”

Jagir Kaur said that if she were suspended, she would have been given a chance to meet the SAD leadership tomorrow. As I mentioned earlier, I have already asked them what provisions of the party’s constitution led to my suspension. A disciplinary committee has been formed in Delhi by Pardhan Sahib (SAD leader). There is no organizational structure within the party. After the working committee meeting, the disciplinary committee should have been formed.”

According to Jagir Kaur, some SGPC members have been told that their handwriting will be recognized, and Bibi will not be voted for. What is the purpose of this? ”

Questioned on receiving backing reportedly from the BJP, she said, “They (SAD) have spent years in alliance with the BJP. They were MPs and ministers. They gave (BJP leaders) tickets. Mera tan koi matlab hi nahi (I wasn’t associated with the BJP in any way).”

She claimed that when Dr Daljit Singh Cheema came to meet her, the latter said that without forming an alliance, neither the Akali Dal nor the BJP could win a seat.

Jagir Kaur added that if Gurmeet Ram Rahim would have been jailed in 2007, there wouldn’t have been the present crisis and all the Sikhs need to raise the issue of Sikh political prisoners.