Home Main Story 26 opposition parties in Bengaluru as “bhrashtachaar ki dukaan”.

26 opposition parties in Bengaluru as “bhrashtachaar ki dukaan”.

26 opposition parties in Bengaluru as “bhrashtachaar ki dukaan”.

New Delhi, July 18 ( P2P News Service):

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during his virtual address at the inauguration of an integrated airport terminal in Port Blair, launched a scathing attack on the opposition parties gathered in Bengaluru. He accused them of promoting corruption and prioritizing the welfare of their own families over the welfare of the country.

PM Modi referred to the assembly of 26 opposition parties in Bengaluru as a “shop of corruption,” where the guaranteed products are the poison of casteism and unprecedented corruption. He criticized the multiple faces of the opposition leaders and stated that they are associated with corruption worth lakhs of crores. He alleged that the opposition could only offer scams amounting to Rs 20 lakh crore.

Furthermore, the Prime Minister criticized the special treatment given to those accused or convicted of corruption within the non-BJP parties. He claimed that the assembly in Bengaluru gave more respect to individuals on bail for corruption, greater respect to entire families on bail, and special invitations to sitting ministers involved in corruption cases. Although not explicitly mentioned, the veiled jibes seemed to target the Gandhi family, Lalu Yadav of the RJD, and MK Stalin of the DMK.

PM Modi also accused the opposition of prioritizing personal and family welfare over the welfare of the country. He contrasted the typical meaning of democracy as an arrangement for the people, by the people, and of the people with the opposition’s ideology, which he claimed is centered around the family and personal interests. He held the opposition responsible for failing to harness the potential of India’s youth, who he said are now leading a revolution in the start-up industry.


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